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:: Client side development > HTML & CSS My mailto script works fine - but how can I add an attachment to the email? i'm assuming that when you say "Mailto

The Greatest Hacks of All Time. PicMonkey HTML Cheatsheet | Webmonkey |
To create a link that sends an e-mail to somebody, use the HTML mailto: tag. Your code will look like this:
History of Pocahontas Building. In Vero Beach during the first decade of the 1900's there was a tradition of naming buildings after Native Americans.
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mailto webmonkey

How to add Attachment to Mailto.

mailto webmonkey


  • wired vol.7 「未来の会社」 発売中 これからの「働く」を考える
    How a Google Headhunter's E-Mail.
    Keep this cheatsheet handy -- it contains the most common HTML tags and their proper syntax. Contents Basic Tags Body Attributes Text Tags Lin Everybody Hates Firefox Updates .