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cut crystal meth msm

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Human Life > Better Living Through Chemistry So ive been using meth for 4 years (its everywhere here) and have tried many ummm cut lyk snowflakes LOL
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Ingredients used to cut Meth and side.
I posted in another thread that I snorted up a G of meth, and didnt feel shit. Someone suggested either I have severe ADD (possible) or that the meth was MSM. I have

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Msm -
(amphetamines) What is Meth usually cut.
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Common crystal meth cuts -
How do you cut meth - The Q&A wiki

cut crystal meth msm

How do i cut my meth -
  • What is MSM? A meth cut

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    What is meth commonly cut with? I personally feel like its the the least cut of drugs because its always very powerful. I just wanna know what they usually cut the

    cut crystal meth msm